EPAF – Terminations

Personnel Information Change

For SSN changes, the employee should send a copy of the new SSN card to the Payroll Office.

For legal name changes, the employee should complete the Name Change Form, attach a copy of the SSN card, and send it to the Payroll Office.

There are numerous ways to change a mailing address.

  • Department staff may submit a EIF.
  • Employees may use DuckWeb.
  • Employees or department staff may send email to General Payroll at payroll@uoregon.edu.
  • Employees submit a Request To Change Mailing Address Form (RCM) to the Payroll Office by campus or US mail or complete this form at the Payroll Office in person.

For campus address and campus telephone number changes, department staff may submit a EIF or may send an email to General Payroll at payroll@uoregon.edu.  We do not allow employees to update this address because it has a special format.  Abbreviations and acronyms must be consistent, along with accuracy for Zip Plus 4 coding.

Org Code Change

For home org, time sheet org, or check/earn statement org changes, submit a Employee Information Form (EIF) to Human Resources. Remember the EIF does not have to be completely filled out, just the pertinent data.

For multiple updates due to departmental reorganization or office location changes, the Payroll Office will accept a spreadsheet roster, rather than individual EIFs.  Contact Payroll at 541-346-3151.


Rate Change

A Temporary employee may recieve a rate increase.   The department can initiate a rate change by submitting a PRF form to HR.

Permanent Appointment

If a temporary is offered a permanent appointment.   The losing department must terminate the temporary job and gaining department must hire/rehire the employee into the new position.

Extend Appointment

Temporary appointments are entered by the Payroll Office without a job end date.  To extend a temporary appointment beyond the original end date, contact the HR Employment Manager for approval.  No action is required to keep the employee on the system.  A time record will appear in PHAHOUR for the employee each month until action is taken by the department to terminate the employee.