FAQs Past Due Accounts

Can students register for classes if money is owed to the University of Oregon?
In order to register for the next term, currently enrolled students must have their account balance below $1,000 for residents and $3,000 for non-residents. If the balance exceeds these amounts or if there are charges on the account that are older than two academic terms, students will not be able to register. Students that are not currently enrolled, must have their accounts paid in full. Students who are having difficulty paying their bills should contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss what resources may be available or contact the Collections Department at (541) 346-3215 to discuss payment options.
What if students cant pay the tuition? Who do they contact?
If students are unable to pay their tuition on time, they should contact the Collections Department at (541) 346-3215.
What happens if the student billing account becomes delinquent?
We understand some people have greater financial problems than others and we try to be as flexible as we can concerning the amount of monthly payments. If students do not pay, regardless of the reason, we assess monthly charges and may block the students registration.

We send electronic billing statements each month and will send several letters notifying students of the delinquent status of their account. If we do not hear from the student or receive payment, the account will be forwarded to an outside agency for collection, and the student will incur additional collection charges. We may also offset (take) Oregon State tax refunds. The collection agency may report the account to national credit bureaus as well as take any other action necessary to collect the debt.

What should students do if their account becomes past due because their parents havent been receiving the bill?
Parents or Third parties will only have access to the student billing account if the student establishes them as an Authorized Payer in the QuikPAY system. Please refer to How can my parents log in and view the bill? for step-by-step instructions on establishing authorized payers on your account.
Can payments be made for an extended period of time and how much do the payments need to be?
Access to the registration system will be blocked when the student billing account is past due, even if monthly payments are being made. Accounts will also be assessed a billing charge and interest each month. If the account becomes over 90 days past due, the university may offset (take) the students Oregon State Income Tax refund even though payments are being made.

Students should review their budget and determine the largest amount they can pay towards their UO debt. The larger the payments, the sooner the debt will be paid off and holds will be removed. Also, there will be less charged in monthly fees.

Why are holds placed on student billing accounts?
In most cases it is because the student billing account is past due. Student billing accounts have to be current in order to get access to the registration system. Many other offices on the campus place holds on student accounts and the registration system will indicate the phone number for the office that placed the hold.

It is also possible that students may have tried to register before the assigned time. Students often think that they have more credits than the official record shows, or have included credit for the current term when looking up their registration time.

For questions concerning a hold on the student billing account, contact the Collections Department at (541) 346-3215.