Scholarships and Financial Aid Disbursements

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University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid and Scholarships will be disbursed to the students billing account when the student meets all eligibility criteria. Financial aid loans, grants, fee waivers and university scholarships are awarded for the academic year with the disbursements divided into three equal installments.

Financial aid disbursements will show on the first billing of each term as "Pending Financial Aid", but will not be reflected in the Total Due or Statement Balances.

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Financial Aid Refunds

Title IV federal financial aid will automatically pay current year institutional charges (i.e. tuition, fees, room and board) and up to $200 of prior year institutional charges. Title IV federal financial aid will not automatically pay non-institutional charges such as library fines, parking permits, parking fines, and health center charges. Students may authorize the university to pay all non-institutional charges for the current year and up to $200 of prior year non-institutional charges on-line via Duckweb. Students may still owe a balance on their billing account for prior year charges or for current year charges if authorization to pay non-institutional charges with federal financial aid is not given. As a result, some charges may still be present on the bill even though a refund was sent. Students are responsible for reviewing their account and ensuring all charges are paid by the due date.

To authorize the UO to apply Title IV financial aid funds to pay non-institutional charges on your university student billing account:

Enter Duckweb from the UO Homepage. Login with your UO ID and PAC.

  • Select Student Menu
  • Select Title IV Authorization
  • Provide your authorization
  • Select Save

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Student Billing by email or call (541) 346-3170.

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Outside scholarships

Outside scholarships received by the university are provided to students in three ways:

  • Checks that are made payable to the University of Oregon are automatically disbursed to the student's billing account*
  • Checks that are made payable to both the University of Oregon and the student, will require the student to endorse the check at the Cashiers Office before disbursement*
  • Checks that are made payable to the student will be released to the student by the Cashiers Office at the beginning of each term.

* Without specific instructions from the donor or from the student, the universitys policy is to disburse scholarships of $2500 or less in full. Scholarships more than $2500 are automatically disbursed in three equal installments for the three terms of the academic year.

Outside scholarship checks need to include the student's name and UO ID number and should be mailed to:

UO Cashiers
PO Box 3237
Eugene, OR 97403-0237

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International Students

Grant and Scholarship Payments to International Students

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