University of Oregon Tax Information


University of Oregon Tax Identification Number and Duns#

The University of Oregon has one Federal Taxpayer Identification Number: 46-4727800

Oregon Business ID number (BIN): 1645579-2
Cage Code: 1L2V1

More information can be found at SPS website…

Duns number to be used for UO payments: 079289626

UO has one Duns number that we conduct business under. Nobody should reactivate any other old numbers or request a new Duns number for the University of Oregon.

Tax information is based on the University’s current understanding of highly complex Internal Revenue Code and U.S. Treasury Department Code, regulations, and official guidance. It is provided for general informational purposes only. The University of Oregon does not provide tax advice. It is the responsibility of the individual to comply with federal and state tax regulations. Personal tax questions or concerns should be addressed to a qualified tax adviser. Business Affairs Tax Services 541-346-0782.

Our frequently used forms:

Business Affairs administers University tax compliance and legally cannot provide tax advice to individuals.

Tax Accounting Contact(s)

Tax Information Group
Position Name Email Phone Functions
Senior Tax Analyst/Accountant Joy Germack 541-346-0782

1042-s non-payroll reporting and foreign payments

Accounts Payable Manager Diane Carl 5413464235

1099 tax reporting

Payroll Tax Accountant Crissy Jo Nesbitt 541-346-9135

W2 tax reporting

Foreign National Specialist Erin Driscoll 541-346-1122

Foreign national 1042-s payroll tax