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Unused ticket report

What is the Unused Ticket Report?

  • The report is a combined list of unused tickets from each of UO’s contracted travel agencies.
  • The UO may have airline credits available due to the pandemic related travel suspension.  Please check with your TMC to see if there is a UO airline credit available for your business travel.

More information:

  • Tickets must be cancelled prior to the departure in order to be used for future credit.
  • Check with your travel agent to determine the rules regarding exchange of your unused ticket.  Rules are determined by your advance purchase, airline, and destination, travel and cancel dates.
  • Most unused tickets expire within one year of issue date.   COVID related cancellations may have date extensions. 
  • Most airlines charge a fee to exchange an unused ticket.  COVID related cancellations may have fees waived.  Some tickets may be used by a different UO traveler without an additional fee.
  • When ticketing a reservation, be sure to check with your travel agent to see if there is a UO credit you might use.

Unused Ticket Report Download

UATP Credit Download

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TMC - Travel Management Companies (Travel Agencies)

TMC = Travel Management Companies = Travel Agencies

Direct Travel
1-(866) 235-3901
Emergency After Hours ONLY:
1-866-305-8931 (Membership code 1XN3).
Calls are assessed an additional $20 fee.

Premier Travel
Emergency After Hours ONLY:
1-800-628-6668 (VIT code ASF9).
Calls are assessed an additional $15 service fee.

Do you need a Travel Visa?   CIBTVisa offers discounts through your TMC:

Direct Travel: Use Code 40801                                             For Premier Travel: Use Code 101657

International Travel Safety Tips and Check List

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Airline Contact Information

Alaska Airlines
1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR)

United Airlines
1-800-864-8331 (1-800-UNITED-1)

Delta Airlines

American Airlines

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Enterprise Customer Service

Hertz Customer Service

For UO State contract discount codes see:

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Hotel Information

What is the UO Hotel Pricing Partner Program?

UO Partner Hotels offer a partnership agreement for UO business travel for both individual and group arrangements.Hotels are within GSA per diem limitations.Be sure to review blackout dates related to special events and capacity limitations which may limit the hotel’s ability to provide UO discount pricing.

The UO hotel pricing agreement allows for direct bill, streamlining the contracting process for reservations by eliminating the need for additional signatures.

Reservations/rates are best confirmed by phone but may be booked through the Concur booking tool or with your UO contract TMC (travel management company – travel agency).  Be sure to identify any booking made with partner hotels as affiliated with the University of Oregon for proper credit.

The pricing agreements auto renew each year on Jan. 1 unless mutual consent to cancel with 30 days written notice.

View hotel pricing partners

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US Bank Customer Service

One Card corporate travel card customer service: 1-800-344-5696

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