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FOIAINP - Approvals Notification Screen

The Approvals Notification page (FOIAINP) was designed as a tool for people involved in approving FIS documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and journal vouchers. If there are documents awaiting a user’s approval, FOIAINP automatically opens when a Banner page is accessed the first time after logging in. However, you may not be responsible for approving documents.

There are two types of Banner approvals, implied and actual. Implied approval is given to people who have graduated from FIS invoice and/or purchase order training. It allows some types of documents within a certain dollar range to post without being approved by another Banner user. Implied approvers are not responsible for approving other users’ documents. Unfortunately Banner cannot differentiate between implied approvers and actual approvers.

If you have not been designated as an actual approver, you can ignore FOIAINP by closing it. Banner will then take you to the page you intended to access. The number of documents totaled on FOIAINP are not related to you or your department.

FOIAPHT - Approval History Query Form

The Approval History Query page (FOIAPHT) allows you to view the approval history for any FIS document. This form allows you to filter for documents by various fields including document code, approver's username, and approved date.

To use:

  • From your Banner home screen, go to FOIAPHT. The page opens with the filter active.
  • Enter your desired query in any of the filter fields. You can add additional filter fields by using the drop-down box “Add Another Field”.
  • Click on the Go button on the right side of your screen below the filter fields. Your filter results will be displayed below. You can sort the list by clicking some of the headings. Banner defaults to showing 10 results per page. If there are more than 10 records you can click through the records using the left and right arrows under your results.
    • If a document went through multiple queues, multiple entries will be shown.
    • If a document was disapproved, “DENY” will be listed as the Queue ID.

FOAUAPP - User Approval

The User Approval Form (FOAUAPP) is used to approve and disapprove Banner documents such as invoices, journal vouchers, and purchase orders. FOAUAPP allows designated approvers to view a document’s detail and view all the queues a document is in.

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GUAMESG - General Message

  • If a document you have submitted or approved has been disapproved you will receive a Banner message which is viewable on Banner page GUAMESG. A notification in the form of a number will appear on your Banner sidebar if you have a message.
    • You can click on the notification icon and choose “checkBannerMessages” to quickly open GUAMESG.
    • To clear the notification, change the Status to Complete, and then Save the page.
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