FGIBDSR - Executive Summary

FGIBDSR provides a summary organized by account codes of the current status of an organization's adjusted budget, year-to-date activity, commitments (encumbrances), and available balance. It is similar to FGIBDST, but FGIBDSR allows you to query at higher level chart components (roll-ups) and view all activity within that hierarchy. FGIBDSR is useful if you want to review aggregate numbers rather than analyze specific accounting transactions.

  • Enter the chart elements for your desired query. You can enter index, organization, fund, program, account, account type, activity, and/or location.
    • To query a specific account code you must select the "Query Specific Account" check box.
    • You can unselect the "Include Revenue Accounts" to exclude revenue account codes from your query.
  • To execute your query, push Alt+Page Down on your keyboard or click the Go or Next Section buttons on your screen.
  • To see transaction details for a line, drill down into your query by choosing Transaction Detail Information (FGITRND) from the Related menu or pushing F3 on your keyboard. To return to FGIBDSR, close FGITRND.
  • To enter a different query, click the Start Over button on your screen.