Remote Hires

This section of the Banner Guide discusses the process for departments that wish to send hire documents to new GEs, Faculty, OAs and Classified employees who are outside the local area and unable to complete the documents early in the hiring process. The new employee will be directed to contact a human resource professional or notary who will act as an authorized representative for the university in completing the Form I-9.

This process is designed for you to communicate with the employees by email.  (You may also fax or mail the employee hire packet and instructions if desired.)

NoteYou may only use this process for U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents.

For international employees, the  I-20 and DS2019 do not become active until the individual arrives in the U.S.

Email to New Employee

Use the Word document below as a basis for an email that you can send to new employees explaining the remote hire process.  The email may be tailored to meet your specific departments requirements, and it should stress the need for prompt completion of the hire packet.  Specifically, instructions are provided for completing the Form I-9 prior to arrival in Eugene.

Word Documents:

Letter to Human Resources Professional or Notary 

Using the Word document below, insert  the name of your new employee and the date when the employee will begin working in your department.  Be sure to provide your name and contact information as well.  

There are several methods to send the letter to the authorized representative, for example:

  • Convert the letter to PDF format and attach to the email to the new employee.
  • If time permits, ask your new employee to send you the name and email address of the human resources professional who has agreed to complete the Form I-9 on behalf of the university.  If you communicate directly with the individual it is recommended to thank him or her for agreeing to review and sign the Form I-9.


Bundled Packets