Student - Overview

This employee class consists of students enrolled at the University of Oregon or other approved institution.  Students are hourly employees who work a mid-month to mid-month schedule and are paid on a lag payroll.  Payday is the last working day of the month.

Student Types

1. Regular - Departments can hire and pay student wages under the department index when financial aid awards do not exist.  Account code 10501 is used during time entry and all payroll expense and OPE are charged to the department index.

2. Federal Work-Study Program - The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally-funded financial aid program that enables students to earn money toward college expenses by working on campus, in the government, or in selected nonprofit agencies serving the community.  The student wages are split 25/75 between the department index and the award index when students are employed on campus.  Account code 10503 is used for time entry. No OPE is charged to the department.  Check RSACWSE to see if your student has an award. Note: International students are not permitted to participate in this program.

3. Federal Work-Study Off Campus- The Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Program allows students to be employed with off-campus organizations.   See separate instruction for off-campus employers.

4. UO Work-Study Program - The UO Work-Study Program is awarded based on the financial need of a student and is paid for by Ed Tech fees.  International employees are permitted to participate in the UO Work-Study Program.  The student wages are split 25/75 between department index and award index.. Account code 10504 is used for time entry.  OPE is charged to the department index.   Check RSACWSE to see if your student has an award.

5. Non-System / Non-UO - Departments may hire and pay students enrolled at institutions outside the seven universities. These are students from any other institution of higher learning, community college, or high school. Students must meet the UO enrollment eligibility requirements listed below.  It is the responsibility of the department to verify the student's status. All non-system students are appointed to one pooled UO position (BUOSNS). All payments and OPE are charged to the department index and account code 10501.

6. RARE - The PPPM Program supports AmeriCorps participants that are a special category of student employees.   IRS considers the AmeriCorps participants employees for tax purposes; PPPM considers them volunteers that receive a living allowance.  These appointments will be made using the BUORAR pooled position.  Account code 10501 is used.

Enrollment and Eligibility Program

  Minimum Credit Hours
Undergraduate   8
Graduate   5
Graduate doing dissertation, thesis, project   3
Note: If a student was enrolled for the required amount of credits in the prior term they may work a "free term" in which they are not taking any credits. Each semester is considered including summer.  A student who takes summer off and plans to work in fall does not qualify for a free term.

Employee Class

The employee class for all student employees is XA.


There are three general pooled student positions:

Position Description
BUOSRG Regular Student
BUOSNS Non-System Student

The Library has its own pooled student positions.

Position Description
BNXSRG Regular Student
BNXSNS Non-System Student


A job is the assignment of an employee ID to a position and suffix.  An employee may have several jobs.

ID:889737666 POSN:BUOSRG Suffix:00

The suffix, a two digit code, is generally set to '00'. Should the student be hired again (perhaps by another department) the new job will have the same ID, position and a different suffix (01,02,03  etc).

ID:889737666 POSN:BUOSRG Suffix:01

Position and suffix combos should be reused using the lowest available suffix.

Labor Distribution

The FOAPAL information for payment of salary and wages. The Fund code identifies where the money comes from (General Fund, Federal Grant, etc...) The Organization code reflects the department hiring '151112'. The account code specifies the type of student and expenditure. For regular students the account code is'10501'. The program defines the function the funds are being used for, '01001' for student services. The activity code is determined by the department.  HRIS spreads the monthly payroll amount in accordance with the percentage assigned to each index or FOAPA.

Federal and UO Work-Study Indices