Account Code and Queries

For FIS Invoice Training Information see the Training tab above.


INVOICE Related Forms (Employees Only)


    FTIIDEN - Entity Name/ID Search Form
    FOATEXT - Viewing Text after Completion
    FAICHKH - Check Payment History
    FAIINVE - Invoice/Credit Memo Query
    FWIVNDH - UO Vendor Detail History
    FOIDOCH - Document History
    FOAUAPP - Invoice Approvals
    FOIAINP - Approvals Notification Form
    FOIAPHT - Approval History Form


    Invoice Processing Procedures - Overview of UO Accounts Payable Procedures

    FAAINVE - Direct Pay Invoices - See: 11) for Credit Memos; 12) for Holds; & 21) for Deleting an I Document
    FAAINVE - Direct Pay (using FACICON) when paying multiple Invoices
    FAAINVE - Regular Invoices Paying On-line POs
    FAAINVE - Regular Pay (using FACICON) when paying multiple Invoices against a PO
    FAAINVE - Invoices Paying GA Encumbrances

    FOATEXT - Adding Text after Completion

    GUAMESG - Checking Banner Messages

CODES - (See Financial Services under Chart of Accounts)

    Querying for Account Codes

    Account Code Primer - Identfying Account Code Groups and Types of Expense
    Account Code Search - ALL Account Code Search (Fiscal Policy Manual Account Code Search)
    IT Account Codes - Information Technology Account Codes
    Common Account Code Mistakes

    Querying for Commodity Codes - (Press Control + F to search by a description or code)

    Alphabetical Listing - by Description
    Numerical Listing
    Commodity Codes Frequently Asked Questions - The most Commonly Used Commodity Codes