Accounts Payable

Operational Changes and Information: See the AP News folders below.

Accounts Payable

Operational Changes and Information: Please Review the "AP New" section below.

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What we do:

Accounts Payable is committed to assisting departments process accurate and timely outgoing Banner invoice payments to our vendors; as well as non-payroll related payments to faculty, staff, and students. We process outgoing payments by the following methods: check, ACH or direct deposit, SUA/Single Use Accounts, and wire transfers. We ensure compliance with the University’s policies and procedures, federal and state laws related to tax reporting, accountability and best business practices. The Accounts Payable staff are dedicated to providing quality and courteous customer service to all our vendors, employees, and students.

AP News

NEW!!! Duck Depot and Vendor Set Up Requests

With the expansion of the Duck Depot Platform announced in the Around the O article on March 2, 2021 new processes for vendor setup are in place. 

This will be done for vendors that we purchase goods from or they provide services to the University.  All employee, students, individuals or entities that need to be activated for reimbursements or need to be setup to receive only a refund will still be done directly in Banner.  Accounts Payable vendor coordinators will be creating or updating the vendor information in Duck Depot and that information is being uploaded in to Banner.   We will send an email to requesters letting them know that their vendor has been setup or updated.   All new vendor setups and any address or information updates will be sent to Accounts Payable using the current processes of securely transmitting W9’s and W8 forms with backup documentation to or fax to 6-2393.  Do not send tax forms by email, they may contain SSN and are classified as high risk data.

All Accounts Payable invoice payments for the University will still be processed in Banner.

1099 Misc. and 1099-NEC forms

If you have a 1099-MISC. (Miscellaneous Income) or a 1099-NEC (Nonemployee Compnsation) form related question please call Diane Huffman Carl at 541-346-4235.  Form 1099 MISC. and 1099-NEC will be mailed on or before February 1, 2023.  You may also email your question to Diane Huffman Carl's attention at

NOTE: Student stipends are considered a form of student aid.

The IRS does not require the UO currently to issue 1099's for these kinds of payments.  Because how student aid and scholarships can impact a student's taxes, the UO cannot offer tax advice or a determination on whether you would or would not have to report this kind of student aid on your tax forms.

There will be no tax form sent to you for this student aid.  The UO would refer you to IRS Publication 970 - Tax Benefits for Education or your tax advisor for further assistance.

If you need to see what payments that were issued to you in 2022, you can log into Duckweb with your 95X Id number and look under the Student Menu for Student Stipends and Refunds. You should be able to print the information showing the University of Oregon on it for your records or to give to your tax advisor.

Copies of 1098 -T Tuition Statements (not related to Student Stipend payments) are available online through Duckweb from the Student Menu.  See:  Student Financial Services for assistance with 1098-T questions.


Covid-19 expenses

For Covid-19 related expenses please use the activity code IRCRNA on the payment in Banner. 

Ergonomic equipmentand/safety: 

See Information and Resources in the remote work place.  Contact the Ergonomic and Safety Coordinator for further help regarding remote working ergonomics.  (The coordinator's contact information is available on the bottom of this link and they can provide further guidance.

Masks, hand sanitizers, sanitzing wipes, gloves and other supplies for Covid-19:

Covid-19 work supplies purchased for UO usage can be purchased through the Science Stores for:. 

  • Office and Administrative purposes use account code 20101 (Office Supplies).
  • Program or special circumstances use account code for 20102 (General Operating Supplies).
  • Labs for instructional or research purposes use account code 20103 (Laboratory Supplies).

Note: Covid-19 supplies may not be purchased or reimbursed for remote (home) work areas.

IT related remote work Equipment, Software, Internet, Cloud Storage:

Please consider the following UO provided resources before making new purchases.

Note: All equipment paid for with UO funds (incuding employee reimbursments) for remote work is UO owned equipment and needs to be handled accordingly. See: Equipment.

Mobile Technology: 

See BAO News Announcment regarding Mobile Technology for the current fiscal year. 

  • Note:  Absent exceptional circumstances, the current remote-work model due to COVID-19 is not sufficient reason to grant a new mobile technology reimbursement request.

Remote Working Meals:  

The current GSA meal per diem which is used as the guideline for reasonableness per Non-Travel Meals, Refreshment and Hospitality Expense Procedures under Section 3.1 even if doing something like purchasing Grubhub gift cards in lieu of a catered or take out working meal. See the Hosting, Meals, Refreshments and Alcohol for documenation and guidance regarding various UO non-travel meal and hosting situations.

Other:  The responsibility for determining the business purpose and budgetary approval for all other Covid-19 expenses, falls under the responsibility of the dean, director, department and/or unit head outlined in the University Fiscal Policy under section 3.a.ii and 3.a.iii.  (All expenses must comply with UO guidance regarding Covid-19).

Check Runs and ACH

Regular check run days:

On August 13, 2020, Accounts Payable made a permanent change to the weekly Accounts Payable (A/P) check production schedule. The permanent schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays: ACH/Direct Deposits, Paper Checks, and Single Use Account (SUA) payments

Thursdays: ACH/Direct Deposits, Paper Checks, and Single Use Account (SUA) payments

Accounts Payable check payments include vendor and contract payments, employee and student aid, refunds, stipends and reimbursements.  If you have further questions about check runs call Diane Huffman Carl at 6-4235.

Reminder: It is a good idea for faculty, staff, and students to keep their Duckweb information current including mailing addresses and ACH information.  Also, when making foreign vendor payments by check be sure to make sure the vendor can receive and cash paper checks.

Wire Transfers and deadlines

Outgoing wire transfers will be processed within three days of receipt of your uploaded wire transfer form Please allow Accounts Payable 3 days for processing.  

NOTE: There are updated instructions for Outgoing Wire Transfers including a new Wire Transfer Request Upload form.  Please use the new upload process when requesting wire transfers.

Wire Transfer Request Upload Procedures

UO Outgoing Wire Transfer Request Upload Procedures

Before initiating your wire tranfer you will need to have the following documentation to upload in the electronic wire form. Your wire will be delayed if you are not able to upload tthese documents:

  • Bank information that was supplied securely by the vendor from their bank (if not on invoice). This must be submitted to your dept. through a secure means such as One Drive, Drop Box, etc.
  • Invoice (if applicable)
  • Contract, POS, PO, Agreement, Addendum, etc. (if applicable)
  • Approvals (as required for any Banner invoice payment) 
  • Concur Travel Reimbursement report (if applicable)
  • any other supporting payment documentation

Due to the increased number of outgoing wire transfers, PLEASE ALLOW a MINIMUM of 3 days for processing. The deadline for submitting a wire transfer in Fiscal Year 22 is June 24, 2022 at 10:00 am.

Under the BAO web site ( under BAO Forms:

  1. Please select under the category Central Accounts Payable and Invoice Payments the Outgoing Wire Transfer form.  Complete the form as you usually would and save as a pdf.
  2. Please select under the category Central Accounts Payable and Invoice Payments the Wire Transfer Upload FormThis form is password protected so you will need to log in to access the upload form. 
  3. Under the Wire Transfer Upload Form. This form is password protected so you will need to log in to access the upload form.
  • Add your departmental contact first and last name and phone number.
  • Upload a pdf of the completed Outgoing Wire Transfer form that you saved. (Be sure to include your Banner I Document number that is incomplete and on HOLD.  To put it on HOLD in Banner click on TOOLS Menu and under Options, select View Document Indicators.  Change the Grouping from (M)any invoices per check to (1) Invoice per check and click the 'HOLD' box).
  • Upload a pdf of ALL the supporting documentation such as contract, PO, invoice, etc.
  • Upload the banking information that was provided to you by the vendor (through a secure means)Emailing banking infomation is NOT secure.  Note: The Outgoing Wire Transfer form is an internal UO form to be used by departments and should not be sent to vendors to complete or provide their banking information.
  • Save.
  1. Edit the Signature Block’s Departmental Approver line and select the Department’s Budgetary Approver’s email address for the wire to be routed to them for approval of the Outgoing Wire Transfer Request. SAVE.  Note: In order to main separation of duties within the department, the individual preparing and uploading the wire transfer for the department should be different than the Budgetary Authority/BA who will be electronically signing approval of the wire.
  2. Select SEND! Your Wire Transfer Request will be sent to for processing by Central BAO Accounts Payable. If you have questions please email:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
SUA (JP Morgan Single Use Account) Program

We continue to enroll vendors to receive payments under the SUA (JP Morgan Single Use Account) Program. When entering a payment in Banner you will receive a notification message that the vendor is a SUA vendor. Just close the message and continue with payment. There is nothing you need to do differently when entering the payment. For more information on how this virtual card payment program works see the July 2019 Campus Announcement: JP Morgan Single Use Accounts/SUA.

See also the Q&A's and links under Vendor Payment Options on the Accounts Payable Web Site: Single Use Account/SUA


Accessing Vendor Payment and Check Information (UO Access only)

On the AP web site under Table of Contents and click on the Invoices link, you will see links on the various querying screens for help on how to query.  With the vendor name, vendor number and/or vendor invoice number you will want to use FWIVNDH - UO Vendor Detail History form.  With the Banner I document or check number you will want to use FOIDOCH - Document History form. If you already have the check number you can also access FAICHKH - Check Payment History.


    FTIIDEN - Entity Name/ID Search Form
    FOATEXT - Adding Text after Completion
    FAICHKH - Check Payment History
    FAIINVE - Invoice/Credit Memo Query
    FWIVNDH - UO Vendor Detail History
    FOIDOCH - Document History

If you need further help email:


A UO Substitute W-9 is not needed to set up a vendor for a refund payment.  Vendor accounts for refunds will be active for 30 days only. If you do not issue the refund within the 30 day time period you will need to send a request to have the account temporarily reactivated.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (Fax): 541-346-2393

Position Name Email Phone Functions
General Accounts Payable * * * 541-346-3143
Manager Diane Carl 541-346-4235

AP Manager, check printing/ACH processing, SUA's/Single Use Accounts. 1099's

Program Specialist Audrey Gilliam 541-346-3152

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Program Specialist Carmela Kortum 541-346-3126

Invoice Training/Entry/Approvals, Outgoing Wire Transfers

Vendor Maintenance Asst Leslie Forbes 541-346-1252

Check copies, Special Handling of Checks, Lost Check Statements

Vendor Coordinator Serina Dugan 541-346-3189

Vendor Set-ups, W9's & W8's (forms)