Refunds and Direct Deposit

Financial Aid refund schedule

Financial aid refund checks are NOT available for pick up.

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Financial Aid Refunds

  • Title IV federal financial aid will automatically pay current year institutional charges (i.e. tuition, fees, room and board) and up to $200 of prior year institutional charges. 
  • Title IV federal financial aid will not automatically pay non-institutional charges such as library fines, parking permits, parking fines, and health center charges. 
  • Students may authorize the university to pay most non-institutional charges for the current year and up to $200 of prior year non-institutional charges on-line via Duckweb. 
  • Title IV funds may not pay interest, billing fees, and pre-enrollment charges, such as student orientation fees. 
  • Students may still owe a balance on their billing account for prior year charges or for current year charges if authorization to pay non-institutional charges with federal financial aid is not given. 
  • As a result, some charges may still be present on the bill even though a refund was sent. Students are responsible for reviewing their account and ensuring all charges are paid by the due date.

To authorize the UO to apply Title IV financial aid funds to non-institutional charges on your university billing account:

Enter Duckweb from the UO Homepage. Login with your UO ID and PAC.

  • Select Student Menu
  • Select Title IV Authorization
  • Provide your authorization
  • Select Save

To rescind your authorization or if you have questions, please contact Student Billing by email or call (541) 346-3170.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Credit Balances & Refunds

When financial aid and scholarships exceed the allowable charges on the students billing account, the credit balance will be refunded to the student.

 If the refund is from a ____,university policy is to _____.Refund is issued to ____.
CURRENT STUDENTSPersonal Checkwait two weeks* before refunding and student or authorized payer can request refundstudent**
QuikPAY E-checkwait two weeks* before refunding and student or authorized payer can request refundstudent**
QuikPAY credit cardstudent or authorized payer can request refundcredit card used for payment
Financial Aidwait until all financial aid requirements are metstudent (unless Parent Loan is designated to be issued to parent - see below)
Dropping classes with financial aidwait until student is registered for full time enrollment or until the third week of the termstudent**
Dropping classes without financial aidstudent or authorized payer can request refundstudent**
FORMER STUDENTSPersonal checkrefund once per term unless requested earlierstudent**
QuikPAY E-checkrefund once per term unless requested earlierstudent**
QuikPAY credit cardrefund once per term unless requested earliercredit card used for payment

* The wait time before refunding personal payments is to allow the payment to clear the bank.

** Refunds for personal checks are always issued to the student, even when the tuition has been paid by an Authorized Payer.

When will you receive your refund? Once the refund appears on your account, this table will tell you how long until the refund will be sent Direct Deposit or placed in the mail.

Students can receive refunds through Direct Deposit into their bank account. For those without Direct Deposit, a financial aid refund check will be mailed. For this reason, it is recommended that students establish Direct Deposit and/or ensure that their mailing address is kept current at all times. For more information, please see the Important Announcement above.

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Sign up for Direct Deposit today!

Directions:   (PDF version of instructions)

  • Login to Duckweb using your UO ID & PAC
  • Select Student Menu
  • Select Direct Deposit
  • Authenticate using your DuckID, password, and Duo
  • Select “Add New” under Employee Reimbursement and Student Account Refunds
  • Input your bank account information
  • Check box  to authorize UO to initiate Direct Deposit

Please contact your financial institution to confirm routing or account numbers. Additional instructions for payroll direct deposit.

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Parent Loan Refunds

Parent Loans are disbursed to the students billing account. When there is a combination of student financial aid and a Parent Loan, the Parent Loan is applied to the students charges first.

When there is a credit balance after all charges have been paid, a refund is issued.

  • If the parent selected the student to receive the refund, the credit balance will be refunded to the student.
  • If the parent selected to receive the refund, the credit balance will be refunded to the student up to the amount of the students financial aid. Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to the parent. Parent Loan refunds are mailed approximately the second week of the term.
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Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds are based on the refund schedule on the Registrar's website. Credits from dropped classesare postedto the student account and apply to any unpaid charges on the account. If the account has a credit balance, the university policy is to hold refunds until after the last day to add classes for the term.

Tuition and Fee Penalties are assessed when the student reduces his/her credit hours after the 7th calendar day of the term. The penalty is a percentage of the tuition and/or fees owed on the classes for which the student was registered. Please view the Refund Schedule for dates and percentages of penalties. This schedule is available under Calendars on the Registrar's website.

More information is available on the Registrar's website.


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