Payroll Request Form (PRF) Instructions


The PRF is used to establish temporary appointments in the payroll system.  It is also used to update/revise or terminate classified, Faculty, OA, and temporary appointments.  The PRF may also be used to correct employee leave balances and an appointment's default labor distribution.  Faculty, OA, and classified appointments are now created through MyTrack. 

In addition, there is a fillable PRF available from Banner form PWIVERI.  This form pulls information from Banner for already established positions.  It is not available for new temporary or classified appointments.

Required Fields:

Always complete the entire “Identification” section at the top of the form.  In the “Job Detail” section, always complete the “Effective Date” field.  For updates/revisions, only complete the relevant fields to indicate the necessary changes to the Banner job record.

Routing and Signatures:

The PRF may be routed for signature to the principal investigator (if applicable), and to a Department Head, Dean/Dir and appointing authorities before being submitted to the Human Resources Office.  University appointing authorities include the Vice Presidents, the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, and Associate Vice President, Human Resources.

The PRF has been modified to include the signature of the Principal Investigator (P.I.) when employees are paid by grant-related funds and other types of sponsored projects.  A Principal Investigator is the primary individual in charge of a research grant, cooperative agreement, training or public service project, contract or other sponsored project. 

Employee Family Form: Action Signatures


PRF: All

Principal Investigator (if funded by a sponsored project)

* Associate VP, Human Resources or designee

Route to HR after all signatures have been aquired.

Faculty and OA

PRF: (VP Signature required) 
Salary increases, title changes, stipends,overloads, terminations/retirements of tenured faculty, new summer appointments, reductions in FTE.

PRF: (VP Signature Not required) 
Renewal of summer appointments, increases in FTE, terminations/retirements for non-tenured faculty and OA's.

Principal Investigator (If funded by a sponsored project)

* Vice-Presidents or Designee

Dept Head, Dean, Director, or Designee

Route to HR after all signatures have been aquired.

PRF: (VP Signature Not required) 
Changes to the labor distributions.

Route directly to the Payroll Office.

Field Descriptions and Values:


Field Description of what to enter


See Job Change Reason Code chart.


The university uses a nine-digit generated ID number beginning with “95X."  Departments may leave this field blank when first hiring new temporary employees.

If a department needs to have the 95X number assigned prior to the submission of the hire documents, complete an Employee Information Form.

Position #

6 character code used along with suffix to identify an employee's job.  UO positions begin with B, F, R, or RP.

See the Overview page for each employee family's pooled position codes:

Faculty and OAClassifiedTemporary


2 character code used to distinguish between multiple employee jobs in pooled positions.  00, 01, 02, etc...


Effective Date

The start date of the job. Otherwise, the effective date of any changes to the job record.


End Date

The last day of work on the job or end of the contract.


Job Type

P (primary), S (secondary), or O (overload).  An employee's initial appointment is primary. Each employee may have only one primary job. Additional appointments can be either secondary or overload.

When an employee is given a stipend appointment (department head, endowed chair, faculty excellence award, teaching award, etc) the job type is overload. Additional appointments that are not stipends (listed above) and do not put the employee over 100 percent appointment in total are considered secondary. An employee may have several secondary appointments.


See Academic Titles Chart.


Appointment Percent

Actual or monthly FTE multiplied by 100.For example if the employee will work at .25 FTE then their appointment percent is 25%.

Maximum 2 decimal places (25.23%)

Employee Class

Three terms help distinguish the BANNER HRIS employee class codes:

1. Salaried employees are paid from the first of the month through the last day of the month. In Banner, their assigned monthly salary will be set up on the system and will default into PHAHOUR during each payroll. (Forecast Pay)

2. Hourly employees are paid from mid-month to mid-month. In Banner, their hours will be entered into PHAHOUR during the payroll process.

Note, Any salaried employees paid mid-month to mid-month must be placed in an hourly employee class. They will be given a default number of hours each month so that time entry would not be required except for leaves.

3. The FTE amount refers to the actual appointment period. It is not an annualized FTE. 

Note: For Faculty and OAs hired for one term and working full-time, the FTE would be indicated as greater than .50 FTE. For a full-time classified employee, the FTE would be indicated as 1.0 FTE.                

CA Classified, SEIU Salaried, 1.0 FTE

CB Classified, SEIU Salaried, <1.0 FTE

CD Classified, SEIU Hourly, 1.0 FTE

CE Classified, SEIU Hourly, <1.0 FTE

GG Classified, Teamsters Salaried, 1.0 FTE

GJ Classified, Teamsters Hourly, <1.0 FTE

TS Temporary Support Staff

FA Unclass, Teach/Rsch, 9/10 mo, +.50 FTE

FB Unclass, Teach/Rsch, 12 mo, +.50 FTE

FC Unclass, Teach/Rsch, 9/10 mo, <.50 FTE

FD Unclass, Teach/Rsch, 12 mo, <.50 FTE

AA Unclass, Non-Teaching, 9/10 mo, +.50 FTE

AB Unclass, Non-Teaching, 12 mo, +.50 FTE

AC Unclass, Non-Teaching, 9/10 mo, <.50 FTE

AD Unclass, Non-Teaching, 12 mo, <.50 FTE

 Continuing Ed Salaried and Summer Res

 Summer Session, Continuing Ed Hourly and Hourly

Unclassified Appointments

XX Other Unpaid

Job Location

If an employee's work location is outside Oregon, or the United States,  (regardless of duration), the UO must purchase Worker Compensation Insurance and properly tax employees.

Please follow the instructions on this page to notify Risk Management and Payroll: Employee Working Outside of Oregon.



Specifies the salary grade in which the position is located. Used for GEs, Classified, Temp Classified, Police, OAs, and PostDocs.




For Classified and PostDocs

"0" if employee will be paid off step
Otherwise 1 through 10 in accordance with the SEIU compensation plan.

 Hrly Rate

Enter the hourly rate for hourly employees.  Leave blank for salaried employees.


Assign Salary

Enter the monthly salary amount for employees paid on a salaried basis. It is the full-time monthly salary rate adjusted by the appointment %. 

BANNER pays salaried employees their Assign Salary for each full month worked.
BANNER prorates the Assign Salary for partial months worked by multiplying it by days worked/working days in the month. 

Appointment Salary

Enter this amount for Faculty and OA appointments. 

Anticipated earnings for the duration of the appointment at the stated appointment % or the amount budgeted for the period of appointment. 

Annual Salary Rate

Enter for Faculty and OA appointments. 

Annual Salary amount if employee worked a full year at 100% appointment. 

Time Entry Org

Each employee job record is assigned a time entry org so that the appropriate Payroll Administrator can enter hours worked and leave taken.
Each payroll administrator will be assigned time entry responsibility and authorization for a limited set of time entry orgs.  

The time entry org is often the same as the FIS major org for a department.  If you process time entry in PHAHOUR, it is the org or group of orgs listed on the FIS/HRIS User Profile Form (FUP). 

GE Type 

Not currently being used.  GE appointments no longer use PRF's.


Classified Type

Limited Duration
Academic Year
Temporary Non-Regular


Leave Reason

AF Administrative w/Pay
AN Administrative w/o Pay
CF Academic Year w/o Pay
CN Academic Year LOA (Classified)
EF Educational w/o Pay
FN FMLA w/o Pay
FP FMLA w/PartPay

FS Health, Non-Job w/o Pay
LF Other w/o Pay
LN Other w/Pay
MF Military Extended w/o Pay
PF Peace Corps w/o Pay
SF Sabbatical w/Pay
WF Workers' Comp w/Pay
WN Workers' Comp w/o Pay

Labor Distribution 

Use one of the following two formats when preparing a SEF, PRF, PAA, or PAW form to establish or change an employee's labor distribution:

1. Index, Account and Percentage of gross monthly pay. *Used when Index represents all elements of the FOAPA.


2. Fund, Organization, Account Program, Activity and Percentage. *Used when FOAPA elements differ from index, such as for cost share activity.

Each month BANNER HRIS spreads a percentage of total monthly pay to each index or FOAP listed in the labor distribution (LD) record.  The total of the percentage must equal 100%.

If the labor distribution will change on a specific future date, you might find the Payroll Accounting Web Page (PAW) helpful in generating the LD. *See above.

If you have more than 5 lines of Labor Distribution, use the PAW.

The PAW is also a helpful budgeting tool.

Print and attach the PAW results page to the PRF as an alternate method of providing the LD.